Development, Valorisation and Innovation of Fishery Products (INNOVAFISH)

the group consists of 1 research professor, 2 senior researchers, 2 tenured scientific, 1 full-time senior technical PhD, and 1 part-time senior technical PhD (50%) and part-time technician (50%), both are shared with others research group, the group also have student in training: predoctoral, TFM, TFG, etc). The sharing of research and even technical personnel between groups produce a problem due to give our know-how the other groups, which acquire a fully prepared person and we consume efforts that do not revert in our group. On the other hand, the distribution of time by weeks or months hinders the performance of certain experimental works, and especially jobs for the industry
The scientific activities are related to the Valorisation of waste for the production of functional and bioactive materials and polymers for the development of safe, healthy, functional, convenience food products, and also develop technologies that could improve the quality and safety. Moreover included is t

Main specialization

Scientific Area:
ERC discipline:
  • LS9 Applied Life Sciences and Non-Medical Biotechnology
Industrial Leadership:
  • 3. Advanced materials
  • 3.2. Materials development and transformation
Societal Challenges:
  • 2. Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bioeconomy.
  • 2.2. Sustainable and competitive agri-food sector for a safe and healthy diet