Collections, Flora and Vegetations

The research group of Collections, Flora and Vegetation has as main objective to put in value the botanical collections as repositories of information on the distribution, ecology, phenology and variability of the taxa; as well as to study the flora and vegetation of a territory, whether of vascular plants as cryptogamic flora and with emphasis (but not exclusively) on the alien flora of the western Mediterranean region.
As far as collections are concerned, the studies are carried out mainly in those conserved in the BC herbarium of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB), representative of the western Mediterranean region and which includes, in addition to the general collection, 13 historical collections formed between the end of the 17 th and early 20th centuries, a part of other cryptogamic collections.
Regarding the alien flora, previous studies have detected that some taxa that could be underrepresented and it is necessary to update the checklist of this flora, because thes

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  • LS8 Evolutionary, Population and Environmental Biology
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  • 5. Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • 5.2. Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems