Cerebrovascular research team

Our team studies cerebrovascular disease physiopathology. Stroke is a devastating disease of sudden and commonly unpredictable onset. In the industrialized countries, stroke is the 2nd single most common cause of death, the 2nd most common cause of dementia, and the most frequent cause of permanent disability. About 1.20 million strokes occur each year in the EU, and about 25% of men and 20% of women can expect to suffer a stroke if they live to be 85 years old. Aging is associated to gradual vascular dysfunction that can acquire diverse manifestations like small vessel disease, or multiple microinfarcts and microhemorrhages often associated with common pathologies such as arterial hypertension. Although these events can be clinically silent, accumulating pathology can lead to progressive vascular cognitive decline and dementia.

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  • LS5 Neurosciences and Neural Disorders
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  • 1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing
  • 1.01. Understanding the determinants of health, improving health promotion and disease prevention