Cellular Neurobiology

In our research group we are studying neuroinflammation in the context of neurodegenerative diseases. It is suggested that neuroinflammation, in which activated glial cells (mainly microglia) are involved, play a role both in the etiopathogenesis and in the progress of these pathologies. Our working hypothesis is that the modulation of neuroinflammation/glial activation can be a therapeutic strategy to act against the neuronal damage that occurs in neurodegenerative diseases. Using in vitro and in vivo experimental approaches, we study molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in neuroinflammation/glial activation and the derived neurotoxicity. We also work with post-mortem human brain samples. We are specialized in histological, cytological and molecular and cellular biology techniques.

Main specialization

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  • LS5 Neurosciences and Neural Disorders
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  • 7. Other
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  • 1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing
  • 1.04. Understanding disease