The Artificial Perception Group (GPA) specializes in combining and merging information from different types of sensors, and the intelligent and automated processing of this information to make decisions and solve a variety of complex problems.
The goal of the group's research has always been high-impact technology transfer. In recent years it has focused on agriculture, which is a strategic sector in Europe. In this context, the group’s work, which is environment-friendly, is aimed at both reducing water consumption and the amount of chemicals used in fields by implementing the automatic distribution of inputs adapted to inter and intra-field variability in crops. This kind of farm management is known as Precision Agriculture.
In short, the GPA is a multidisciplinary and well-positioned group dedicated to the design and development of perception-decision-action systems, with a specific focus on outdoor Mobile Robotics and Precision Agriculture.

Main specialization

Scientific Area:
ERC discipline:
  • PE8 Products and Processes Engineering
Industrial Leadership:
  • 1 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • 1.2. Next generation computing: advanced computing systems and technologies
Societal Challenges:
  • 2. Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bioeconomy.
  • 2.1. Sustainable agriculture and forestry