Arthropod evolution and diversity

To identify evolutionary processes related to the origin of Biodiversity, focussed on processes of species formation, hybridization and evolutionary radiations, through diverse geographic scales, in taxononomically complex Arthropds. The formation of cryptic species is a widespread phenomenon in nature, which has a real incidence on animal biodiversity estimates. It has been proposed that the formation of cryptic species is directly related with the existence of divergent phylogeographic (mitochondrial) lineages, and dependent on the time elapsed since the lineages diverged. There are situations in which the probability of formation of cryptic species seems to be increased, independently of speciation mode or phylogeographic structure, These cases correspond to extreme adaptation and loss of morphological characters (as it is the case of subterranean environments or in parasitic taxa) or to the existence of paedomorphosis as a consequence of heterochronic processes.

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