The financing agents of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation will carry out “Measures for the inclusion of the gender perspective as a transversal category in science, technology and innovation as well as a balanced presence of men and women at all levels of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation” (Article.33.j Ley 14/2011, 1 st June, de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación).

Reports and documents of the Women and Science Committee and from CSIC centers

The Women and Science Committee regularly prepares reports on the distribution by sex of CSIC staff in its different categories, as well as proposals aimed at promoting the access and promotion of women in CSIC.

Preceding reports

International, national and CSIC studies and proposals on women and science prior to the constitution of the Women and Science Commission.

“Science and Technology in the CSIC: a gender vision”

Arbor Magazine monographic issue coordinated in 2002 by Valentina Fernández Vargas and María Jesús Santesmases.

Reports from the Women and Science committee

Featured documents

  • Guía para un uso no sexista de la lengua en la UAM adoptada por el CSIC (pdf 1,0M) [Descargar]  
  • Informe CMYC composición tribunales CT CSIC 2018 (pdf 2,2M) [Descargar]
  • Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2018 (pdf 1,5M) [Descargar]
  • Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2017 (pdf 1,7M) [Descargar]
  • Informe CMYC composicion tribunales CT CSIC 2016 (pdf 544k) [Descargar]
  • "Inclusión del Género en la Investigación y la Innovación documento elaborado y aprobado por la CMC del CSIC en su sesión de 6 de octubre de 2015" (pdf 274k) [Descargar]
  • Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2016 (pdf  891k) [Descargar]
  • Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2015 (pdf  692k) [Descargar]
  • Informe Mujeres Investigadoras 2014 (pdf 1M) [Descargar]
  • Memoria Comisión Mujeres y Ciencia 2017 (pdf 170k) [Descargar]
  • Recomendaciones lenguaje no sexista (pdf 496k) [Descargar]