Ciencia en el Barrio.

Ciencia en el Barrio is developed at 10 secondary institutes (IES) in Madrid’s most vulnerable districts: IES Arcipreste de Hita, IES Vallecas-Magerit and IES Madrid Sur (Puente de Vallecas), IES María Rodrigo (Villa de Vallecas), IES Ciudad de los Ángeles (Villaverde), IES Pradolongo and IES Ciudad de Jaén (Usera), IES Emilio Castelar (Carabanchel), IES Barrio Simancas (San Blas) and IES Conde de Orgaz (Hortaleza).

In each of them, on-demand activities are organised on various current scientific topics: experimental workshops, conferences, reading clubs, exhibitions and visits to leading research centres. The project is aimed at 4º ESO students, although all students and the educative community can also participate in some activities. The initiative started in 2016, and since then 3.000 students have participated in 100 activities in which 35 CSIC researches have collaborated.

In addition, last year was celebrated the first fair Ciencia en el Barrio, in which students had the opportunity to replicate the workshops they did in their education centres. During the course 2018/2019 was held the third edition of the project. Ciencia en el Barrio is an idea created by CSIC and has economical support from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

All information related to the activities held at the participating IES is available in the official Facebook webpage (Facebook de Ciencia en el Barrio) under the hashtag #CienciaenelBarrio and in @CSICdivulga profile on social networks.

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