Simple homotopy theory in family floer cohomology

Simple homotopy theory in family floer cohomology
Seminario · 8/01/18

Seminario impartido por Daniel Álvarez-Gavela (Stanford University, USA).

We will discuss work in progress to apply the methods of simple homotopy theory to the study of Floer cohomology in families. First we will recall some relevant parts of simple homotopy theory as seen from the point of view of parametrized Morse theory. We will then sketch a conjectural parallel story in symplectic topology, where a family of Morse cochain complexes is replaced by a family of Floer cochain complexes and Igusa's result on the simplification of singularities for families of Morse functions is replaced by the h-principle for the simplification of singularities of Lagrangian and Legendrian fronts.


Tipo de evento: Seminario

Organizador: Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas

Fecha inicio: 08/01/2018 15:00

Lugar: Sala Naranja, ICMAT (Campus de Cantoblanco)

Dirección: C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15

Localidad: Madrid

Provincia: Madrid